The High Environmental Impact And Cost Of Home Improvements

Home improvements are expensive, there is no doubt. Even with the magazines,
books and television shows dedicated to showing us how to decorate for less or
revamp a room using a few power tools and sheets of MDF, the bottom line is
still rather high. But, improvements must be done if not to actually improve the
home, to at least maintain it as life begins to wear at the walls, appliances
and flooring.

There are other costs of home improvement as well that are often overlooked.
Moving beyond monetary implications, many home improvements have an impact on
the environment as well. You may not realize it, but when you rip out old
carpeting or throw out worn out appliances, they go to the same places as the
rest of your trash – landfills. The lumber you are using for projects is often
treated with harsh chemicals and paint can be harmful, especially oil based
paints, if it gets into the water supply.

Avoiding Damage

Of course many of these side effects of renovation and improvements can not
be avoided. To build a deck, you must use processed lumber, or treat raw wood
yourself. When carpet is old, it must go. It is always wise to look into the
recycling options in your area to see if appliances can be repaired and resold
or scrapped rather than just taken to a landfill.

When it’s time to begin installing new features in your home, make your
choices with an eye on the future. New carpet may be the least expensive
flooring option, next to linoleum, but when you’re ready to replace it again in
five years, you’ll be faced with the same problem. Hardwood floors last forever,
but damage sometimes irreplaceable hardwood trees. Laminate
flooring may be an alternative, but the chemicals used in manufacturing are
no laughing matter.

Making the Right Choice

However, there are eco-friendly solutions, such as Envirochoice
flooring. Bamboo Floors are not only as long lasting as hardwood, but are environmentally
friendly as well. The flooring is made from easily replenishable bamboo in
countries where the plant is considered a weed – which it technically is. The
manufacturing process is far easier on the planet than other flooring options as

Fortunately, bamboo has more going for it than its origination. It is
actually very stylish and attractive. The flooring resembles wood complete with
grains and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. The options are
almost limitless. And bamboo flooring is very reasonably priced thanks to the
overabundance of its raw materials and simple refining process. This helps lower
all of the costs of remodeling – financial included.

Flooring aside, there are many other opportunities to give a nod toward the
environment while redecorating. When landscaping, use plants native to your area
to decrease the amount of water needed for maintenance. Consider limiting the
grass coverage is possible to again limit the use of water. Select only energy
efficient appliances, and find ones that have a long life and are easy to repair
to avoid throwing them out in a few years. Opportunities to save both money and
a little piece of the environment abound in home improvements. Be sure you’re

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